A Juried Selection by Ed Brennan , Salmagundi Club
Best of the Rest AUG 2015

August 2015

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Dayna's Pearls by Jean Marcellino
Andalucia by Tom Morgan
Yellow Dress by Donald Kolberg
Michael by Jean Marcellino
Connie by Seonyoung Kim
purple by Seonyoung Kim
Don Q by Donald Kolberg
watermelon by Seonyoung Kim
women in flower by Taehyub Lee
THINKING by Taehyub Lee
Chico on the 3rd day by Mateus Costa
Power At Work: Serious by Elizabeth  Sowell-Zak
ARTIST'S MOM by Taehyub Lee
Julie Reflecting by Marie-Paule Martin
Marie Elena by Jean Marcellino
Honey Blond by Kenneth Vonderberg
Megan-Jean by Gil Conradis
Power At Work, No.12 by Elizabeth  Sowell-Zak
I dream, therefore I become by Dan Simoneau, ISAP
Draped Figure in Profile by Patricia McDermond
"Young Sicilian Boy" by Pacifico Palumbo
Mavis in Coordinated Black Prints by Patricia McDermond
Katy Perry by Justin Austin
''M'' by Seonyoung Kim
Fedora by Kenneth Vonderberg
Esther by Seonyoung Kim
Rockin' Red by Kenneth Vonderberg
African Strings #4 by Donelli J. DiMaria
Young Girl Seated on Pillows by Patricia McDermond
Saskia's Music by Jean Marcellino
Miranda Kerr by Justin Austin

Faces and Figures -- Guest curator, Ed Brennan, a Salmagundian since 1973, is an active and popular artist member and patron. His is former President and former Chairman. Over the years he has served on various committees, as well as holding the positions of Recording Secretary and Vice President. Mr. Brennan has taught the Tuesday Watercolor Class and has done several watercolor demonstrations at the Club and various other art institutions. Mr. Brennan prefers the challenge of watercolor. His ability to master this medium has brought him worldwide recognition. Mr. Brennan has exhibited his work internationally and his paintings can be found in private collections throughout the world.

Most recently, Mr. Brennan has been very happily productive in the monthly Salmagundi Monotype parties (popular with members and non-members alike), and also the Salmagundi Plein Air painting events.

Founded in 1871, the Salmagundi Club is one of the oldest art organizations in the United States. Housed in an historic brownstone mansion in Greenwich Village, New York City, the Club offers programs including art classes, exhibitions, painting demonstrations, and art auctions throughout the year for members and the general public.

To launch the month of August, Mr. Brennan selected Dayna's Pearls (oil) by Jean Marcellino of New York, NY.

Artworks making their calendar debut: 16. Four artworks are being retired, having now appeared in three calendars: I dream, therefore I become by Dan Simoneau, ISAP of Kenosha, WI; African Strings #4 by Donelli J. DiMaria of Santa Fe, NM; ''M'' by Seonyoung Kim of Woodside, NY; Rockin' Red by Kenneth Vonderberg of Milwaukee, WI.

Art for this calendar comes from 7 states and Canada.

The 31 artists represented in August, 2015, in day order are: 1 Jean Marcellino, 2 Tom Morgan, 3 Donald Kolberg, 4 Jean Marcellino, 5 Seonyoung Kim, 6 Seonyoung Kim, 7 Donald Kolberg, 8 Seonyoung Kim, 9 Taehyub Lee, 10 Taehyub Lee, 11 Mateus Costa, 12 Elizabeth Sowell-Zak, 13 Taehyub Lee, 14 Marie-Paule Martin, 15 Jean Marcellino, 16 Kenneth Vonderberg, 17 Gil Conradis, 18 Elizabeth Sowell-Zak, 19 Dan Simoneau, ISAP, 20 Patricia McDermond, 21 Pacifico Palumbo, 22 Patricia McDermond, 23 Justin Austin, 24 Seonyoung Kim, 25 Kenneth Vonderberg, 26 Seonyoung Kim, 27 Kenneth Vonderberg, 28 Donelli J. DiMaria, 29 Patricia McDermond, 30 Jean Marcellino, 31 Justin Austin.

Each of the artists selected for the calendar receives two (2) complimentary listings for each of their artworks selected.

The Barebrush Provenance for each artwork is viewable by clicking on the calendar thumbnail (above) or on the caption under the artwork from each artist’s Barebrush Gallery page. The Barebrush program of retiring artworks that have been selected for three calendars is designed to encourage all artists to show their best new work and keep their online galleries fresh and interesting.

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Thank you all for your interest and participation in, dedicated to the art of the world.


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