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PhotoArt Nude-of-the-Day
19 Oct 2014
Curator: Sharon Way-Howard
Salmagundi Club

PhotoArt Nude-of-the-Day
25 Jan 2015
Curator: Alex Kaplan
Art Conservator

PhotoArt Nude-of-the-Day
30 Apr 2015
Curator: Vaughn Lewis
Independent Curator

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I Must Be InHeaven by Bare Ass Art Studio-Gabe Edwards

I Must Be InHeaven by Bare Ass Art Studio-Gabe Edwards

Title: I Must Be InHeaven

Desc: Photography has always been a passion of mine and creating something unique and exciting came to me rather unexpectedly.
One day while having a conversation with my wife she suggested that one of the things that women are always asking is "how does my ass look in this"?
So together we have taken something that many consider a sensitive issue and just continue to find new ways to display the ass as a thing of beauty. We hope our photography will make you smile. Enjoy!!!

Media: photography

Size: 16x20

Genre: nude

Price Range: Fine Art $100-$500

In calendar: Yes

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Bare Ass Art Studio-Gabe Edwards

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Artist Info
Bare Ass Art Studio-Gabe Edwards
City: Lutz
State: FL
Zip: 33558
Country: US