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COLLAGE NO. 21 by William Thierfelder

COLLAGE NO. 21 by William Thierfelder

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Title: COLLAGE NO. 21

Desc: Multimedia collage: colored pencils, ink, markers, crayons, metallic pens. There are two on-going sources of inspiration for these collages. One is music, the other is my great love of the natural sciences. The forms/structures and myriad colors that I find in my study of geology and astronomy are particularly influential. Each piece should be seen as a kind of improvisation in which a specific vocabulary of images, shapes, colors, and techniques gets "played with." No two collages are ever alike--and once a collage is created, it remains a unique piece. Thus, I don't make prints of my collages; they are a moment captured in time, not to be repeated.

Media: mixed media

Size: 14 x 17 inches unframed

Genre: abstract

Price Range: Fine Art $100-$500

In calendar: Yes
Provenance (calendar wins & curators).

Price:Original $100.00

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