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Jeramiah by Ilene Skeen

Jeramiah by Ilene Skeen

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Title: Jeramiah

Desc: The way Jerimiah holds the four sides of the frame while looking left makes this an interesting composition. It gives a clockwise motion. It seems to me that your eyes are drawn to the head first, then, being tight to the left side, are drawn away from the face,down the extended arm until you get to the hand pointing to the feet, then up the legs, richochetting off the left edge to the torso and back to the face. I like the way the drapery seems to add to the life of the piece as well. Created at Spring Studio, October 2010.

Media: acrylic

Size: 12" x 9"

Genre: nude

Price Range: Fine Art $100-$500

In calendar: No

Price:Original $200.00

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