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CON-CHORDIA by Jon RettichIn the prime of life by Hector Olvera, EtorNarcissus Twists by Richard BulmanStone House by Alex TolstoyPersophone Returns by Rebecca Venn
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JAMIE by Jon RettichNude in Bernheim Forest by Peter Le GrandAll The Time There Is #3 by Joseph MaysEARLY AUTOMN WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK A426 by Jon RettichAll The Time There Is #10 by Joseph Mays
STANDING MALE MODEL WELL DEFINED by Jon RettichPower At Work, NO.6 by Elizabeth  Sowell-ZakMiranda Kerr by Justin AustinMUTED NUDE by Lynne LevinPower At Work, No.12 by Elizabeth  Sowell-Zak
"Boy in Garden" by Pacifico PalumboJesse and Kara in a Stream by Peter Le GrandCEECEE by Jon RettichMan In Shadows by Emily StedmanSleeping Beauty by Tom Morgan
Getting to the Bottom of Things by Ilene SkeenCITY GREEN by Jon RettichPower At Work, NO.4 by Elizabeth  Sowell-ZakTabitha, sitting by Peter MillwardNude and Wall Painting V by Peter Le Grand
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CON-CHORDIA by Jon Rettich

CON-CHORDIA by Jon Rettich

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Desc: Weekly get together of some very proficient musicians

Media: graphite

Size: 12"X9"

Genre: people (clothed)

Price Range: Fine Art $100-$500

In calendar: No

Price:Original $485.00

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