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My N*de Valentine was the first-ever “brick & mortar” gallery show for N*des-of-the-Month, the monthly, world-wide online art calendar contest. Hosted by at Rogue Space | Chelsea in New York City, there were 46 artists participating with art coming from the US as well as Australia, Panama, Russia, and Spain. The public was invited! Many came out to see this art in person. We sold out of the books at the show, but you can buy it online (below, limited time only).

Will we do it again? Well, that's the idea!


Thursday, February 10 through Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 6-9pm — Reception

Friday, February 11, 10am-6pm — Meet the Artists Gallery Hours

Saturday, February 12:

10am-6pm — Meet the Artists Gallery Hours

1-3pm — Artists’ Circle Discussion and Interviews

Sunday, February 13:

noon-5pm — Meet the Artists Gallery Hours

4pm — Awards Presentation


Rogue Space|Chelsea, 526 West 26th Street, 9th Fl, New York, NY 10001


100% to the artist, no commissions


Peoples’ Choice
Curators’ Choice Nominees
Best in Show

About Rogue Space|Chelsea

RogueSpace (“the gallery”) is a premier gallery and exhibition space. Located in the West Chelsea Building, the gallery is in the heart of the Chelsea art district which has become one of the most popular destinations for New York art lovers.

About is a worldwide monthly art calendar contest and exhibition. Each artist member gets a personal gallery page to show his or her work. Art for the calendars is selected by guest curators. Artists gain recognition for their work and win prizes. Online since 2006 with Barebrush N*des-of-the-Month. Barebrush founder and CEO, Ilene Skeen states:

Barebrush is absolutely committed to the guest curator approach and to helping artists find collectors and make connections with galleries. Artists succeed by getting people excited about their work. This includes dealers, collectors, other artists, and art professionals. I believe that Barebrush is supplying a unique service: validation of art of the nude by a wide variety of well-respected art professionals. In addition, it it evident that the public especially enjoys the monthly calendars. By demonstrating success at Barebrush, we move toward our goal of increasing the awareness, appreciation and acceptance of the art of the nude.

Ms. Skeen adds this message: “The underlying mission of Barebrush is about personal liberty. There’s a lot of censorship and antagonism towards the art of the nude in the US and even in New York. To me, the art of the nude is about our shared humanity and personal freedom. I hope that promoting it in a non-threatening and positive way will open people’s minds to the fact that it is important to stand up for all of our personal freedoms and the individual right to choose the art one holds dear.” is owned and operated by ILS Designs, LLC, New York, NY.


Gallery Guide

Show Artworks

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STUDY 12 by William Thierfelder Untitled #3 from the Smoke Series by Matthew Smith 
El Cielo es el Límite by Tony Lee Sitting in the Light by Ilene Skeen 
Night Bloom by Mollie Kellogg Tidal Rhythm detail by Christopher Smith 
We Two by Michael Seif Reflective Willingness by Angelique Moselle Price 
Together by Merrill  Brace Swimmer by Bill Teitsworth, NWS 
Niki after 2nd child by Jacqui Morgan Shattered in Black and White by Penelope Przekop 
Rooted 2 by Peter Wong King N*de St*dy -- WC1 by C. Charles Wang 
Eva y Mariela III by A. Galban Apollo in the Sky by Jacqui Morgan 
States of Mind by Chanit Roston Looking for Love by Bill Foote 
This is Liz_ detail by Christopher Smith side view by Sara Swan 
Light of Heaven by Angelique Moselle Price Despair by Cynthia Angeles 
All Curled Up by Jacqui Morgan Adela_Z_4-18-10--4AC by Dan McCormack 
Reclining Muse by Peter Wong King Feet Up by Merrill  Brace 
Human Nature by Penelope Przekop Mysterious by Ilene Skeen 
Balanced Vulnerability by Angelique Moselle Price Smiling Man by Emily Stedman 
Bound by Judith Araujo-Volkmann A Mom's Tattoo by Tai Lin 
Unconditional Self Knowing by Angelique Moselle Price With a twist by Sara Swan 
Model by Robert Nizamov Nude 14 by Suhas Tavkar 
Absence by Matthew Smith Sleeping Jessica by Jean Marcellino 
Primal 1 by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen  Temps Tendu by Bill Foote 
Model by Robert Nizamov Corazón Herido by Tony Lee 
Grief by Michael Hennessy Model by Robert Nizamov 
Layers of Memory by Michael Seif STUDY 21 by William Thierfelder 
Chuck Alert by Ilene Skeen Untitled by Michael Parker 
DANCING by A. Galban Intentional Openness by Angelique Moselle Price 
Brute Strength by Penelope Przekop Blinder by Sima Schloss 
Off Road Female by R. Butler Figure 20051115_23 by Sandro La Ferla 

Show Artworks

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AVIVAS  (mutiple) by Jon Rettich STUDY 35 by William Thierfelder 
The Other Twin by Janet A. Cook Magical Flight by Chanit Roston 
Simbiosis / Symbiosis by Tony Lee Maia by Jon Rettich 
Eve's Fall by Cindy Sibilsky Woman Standing by Carmiah  Frank 
Nude by Mary Ann Martinez N*de St*dy 2010H by C. Charles Wang 
Blue Mood by Cynthia Angeles Woman Looking Two Ways by Carmiah  Frank 
Large Woman With Fan by Emily Stedman Night Out New Hat by Sandy Ryan 
Sunlit Peaks and Valleys by Cindy Sibilsky Kirliam by Tony Lee 
STUDY 17 by William Thierfelder Exposed in Chaos by Penelope Przekop 
TINTERN'S MAN No. 8 by William Thierfelder Ryan's Ballet by Jacqui Morgan 
Figure 2006_06_16_21] by Sandro La Ferla N*de St*dy 2009 D by C. Charles Wang 
Model by Robert Nizamov December Night by Robin Kappy 
Blue Nude by Ilene Skeen Antonia - standing. by Roger Cummiskey 
Odalisque 57 by Jean Marcellino Identity Theft by R. Butler 
The Descent by Michael Seif Audacious by Susan (SZN) Kraft 
Ryan Dissolving by Jacqui Morgan Figure 2006_06_15_20 by Sandro La Ferla 
Erik by Sara Swan Study for Backstroke by Bill Teitsworth, NWS 
Donna by Ilene Skeen H2-O by Tony Lee 
Spring by Martin Danjue Kate_A_7-09-09--8BD by Dan McCormack 
Modern Woman By Window by Emily Stedman Flavors of Drapery by Jean Marcellino 
Nude by Mary Ann Martinez StickWoman 2 by Roger Cummiskey 
Primal Block Party, All 4 by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen  Torus by Michael Seif 
Torso 2 by Sara Swan Figure 2005_09_29_22 by Sandro La Ferla 
Khajuraho Lovers by Suhas Tavkar Red Hat #7 by Donelli J. DiMaria 
N*de St*dy 2009 A by C. Charles Wang N*de St*dy IV by C. Charles Wang 
Twisted Limbs by Gil Conradis Rita by Will Maller 
reclining 2 by Sara Swan