Thank you for your interest in, dedicated to the art of the nude.

BAREBRUSH welcomes all media, all styles, all genres, with special emphasis on the art of the nude. However, please note that BAREBRUSH reserves the right to reject any artwork. BAREBRUSH is committed to maintain the quality of the website for the viewing and collecting public.

BAREBRUSH does NOT acquire the copyright to art posted on the BAREBRUSH website. BAREBRUSH acquires the right to display the art in the BAREBRUSH calendars, to display the artist’s page relating to those entries and to promote the calendar and calendar contests.

BAREBRUSH does not sell or reveal your name or email address to any person, organization or group for any purpose whatsoever. BAREBRUSH sends no more than one newsletter per month. All other correspondence will relate to your specific activities on the website -- listing art, renewing art, winning calendar placement, prizes, etc.

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