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"ASPECTS OF NARCISSUS NO. 7" by William Thierfelder
November 2016 — BAREBRUSH presents PhotoArt N*des calendar for November 2016. Barebrush offers the best nude art gallery and nude art contest, online since 2006. A total of 314 artworks were entered by 16 artists world-wide. Barebrush guest curator, David Masello, Art writer & editor, selected the art and chose the Curators’ Choice nominees. A total of 14 artists represent the 30 artworks for the 30 days in November. Three of the artworks were selected as nominees for the Curators’ Choice awards. Winners will be determined based on voting by the curators. Viewers can see the PhotoArt N*des calendar on the website.

The 14 artists for November 2016 are: 1* William Thierfelder, 2 J. Wayne Higgs, 3 William Thierfelder, 4 J. Wayne Higgs, 5 Craig Sheely, 6 Craig Sheely, 7 Ricardo Arnaldo, 8 Ricardo Arnaldo, 9 Dan Simoneau, ISAP, 10 Gabriel Sanchez, 11 Dan McCormack, 12* Craig Sheely, 13 Peter Wong King, 14 Peter Wong King, 15 Tony Lee, 16 Gabriel Sanchez, 17 William Zuback, 18 Joseph Mays, 19 Robert Markey, 20 Dan McCormack, 21 Tony Lee, 22 Dan Simoneau, ISAP, 23 Guenter Knop, 24 William Zuback, 25 Tony Lee, 26* Peter Wong King, 27 Joseph Mays, 28 Corrie Ancone, 29 Corrie Ancone, 30 Guenter Knop.

About the November 2016 Calendar

"Indecision" by Craig Sheely
Sala Reservada, part II -- Guest curator, David Masello, writes about art and culture. He is executive editor of Milieu, a national print magazine about interior design and architecture. He has written scores of essays and features for the New York Times, Fine Art Connoisseur, Wall Street Journal, Salon, Boston Globe, Cottages & Gardens, and numerous other national periodicals and literary journals. Mr. Masello added some curatorial notes about his selections:

It was an eerie coincidence, but when I got the call to curate this show, I was researching a phenomenon in 17th-century Spain called the sala reservada, referring to secretive rooms reserved in royal palaces and grand houses where nude works could be seen in private. A show at the Clark Art Institute of nudes from the Prado elicited this interest in finding out more about such places. I chose images here that were unabashedly erotic, but also ones that are more suggestive than overt.

I always feel that with nudes, suggestion can be far more powerful than something more overt.... I also liked that many of the works show couples (straight and gay) and that other works require a longer viewing before deciding what is really being shown (eg. the work showing hands and feet together). Also, many of the chosen works hint at a narrative quality, which automatically animates any canvas. And I like, too, that some of the nudes are accidental, in that a body is shown retrieving a fallen item or a mother is holding her naked baby. Being nude, obviously, is not always an intentional or erotic or sexual state.

Mr. Masello selected 3 Curators’ Choice nominees for November, (starred dates in the list): 1* ASPECTS OF NARCISSUS NO. 7 (photography) by William Thierfelder of Portland, OR; 12* Indecision (photography) by Craig Sheely of Littlestown, PA; 26* Hands and Feet (photography) by Peter Wong King of Cochiti Lake, NM.

"Hands and Feet" by Peter Wong King
Artworks making their calendar debut: 6. Seventeen artworks are being retired, having now appeared in three calendars: El Cielo es el Limite by Tony Lee of , Panama; Two Nude Men, 2012 by J. Wayne Higgs of Hughesville, MD; Frida III by William Zuback of West Allis, WI; Patrick - Reflection by Dan Simoneau, ISAP of Kenosha, WI; Kelly_B_7-10-07--10CD by Dan McCormack of Accord, NY; Beyond the City by Corrie Ancone of Sydney, Australia; Circuitboard Jungle #84 by Joseph Mays of Louisville, KY; The rug by Gabriel Sanchez of Mexico City, MEXICO; The Eagle by Tony Lee of , Panama; La Bella Donna by Peter Wong King of Cochiti Lake, NM; SANJAY by William Thierfelder of Portland, OR; Indecision by Craig Sheely of Littlestown, PA; ASPECTS OF NARCISSUS NO. 7 by William Thierfelder of Portland, OR; The necklace by Gabriel Sanchez of Mexico City, MEXICO; Moment of True Love by Guenter Knop of , NY; man meditating by Robert Markey of Ashfield, MA; ISIS by Corrie Ancone of Sydney, Australia.

Art for this calendar comes from 9 states, Mexico, Panama and Australia.

About the Barebrush Art Calendar Contests

Three artists, indicated by asterisks (*), are nominated for the Curators’ Choice Awards. Barebrush curators (past and present) vote on the Curators’ Choice nominees. The top artist receives an additional prize. Selection limits and prizes are determined dynamically based on the number of entries. See the call page for more information.

Winning art is historic and is viewable in the calendar archives (dating from 2006). Winning art becomes a permanent part of the history of In addition, each artwork's detail page show the date and curator of each calendar win as part of its Barebrush Provenance. The Barebrush program of retiring artworks which have been selected for three calendars is designed to encourage all artists to show their best new work and keep their online galleries fresh and interesting.

The goal of Barebrush is to increase the public awareness, acceptance and appreciation of the art of the nude. Online since 2006.

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