March 20, 2017

Nude nite 2017: What happens in Florida doesn't just stay in Florida


By Ilene Skeen

Ilene Skeen

At Nude Nite in Tampa, one thing was sure: excitement sells art. The atmosphere was funky: huge dark warehouse, spotlights on performers and art. Plenty of food, drink, and art to buy. The music was rhythmic rock and jazz. Check out the video from the still photos I took.


Nude nite 2017
Video: Nude Nite Tampa 2017

Why Nude Nite?

I'm very excited by Nude Nite. The venue, the artists, the performers and the art buyers demonstrated that Nude Nite is an excellent fit for Barebrush artists. Kelly Stevens, Nude Nite director, told me that there are other shows around the country (Seattle, Chicago, Miami, etc.), but all are smaller than Nude Nite.


For Barebrush artists, I see Nude Nite as a great compliment to our year-round online art calendars contests adding the real world on-the-ground excitement of annual shows.


Even better, at Nude Nite, they know their customers and their pricing. Jules who runs the art sales operations (Juliana Davidson Gallery), told me that she often helps artists who set their prices when they price too low. She knows what her clientele will spend. Nude Nite sells about 20% of the 200+ works at each show. That's a great number for two weekends: February in Orlando and early March in Tampa. Artists can enter one or both. The art is international. Not just Florida, not just USA. Best of all, the artist gets 60% of the sale. The 40% goes to a charity, and of course to pay these hard-working art loving people for putting on this brilliant production.


It's important to know if any Barebrush artists might be interested in Nude Nite next year. Of course, this is just an expression of interest, not a commitment. I want to work with Kelly Stevens, so I'm looking forward to hearing from as many artists and art lovers as possible. Thanks so much. [see the video]


Ilene Skeen
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