A Juried Selection by Jeffrey L. Berman, PSA, Salmagundi Club

March 2014

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Circus #1 by Joseph Mays
Tree Frog by Justin Austin
Hannah by Marie-Paule Martin
portrait of flower by Taehyub Lee
Railroad by Serge Lis
Prince by Dan Simoneau, ISAP
Disco Inferno J by Troy Cooper
Daydreams by Richard Bulman
Margeurite by Stephanie Fuller
Moments with Alyssa by Jacqueline Saunders
Pinocchio by Donelli J. DiMaria
Herd of Paints by Guadalupe Herrera
The Ecstasy of Cha Cha by Ilene Skeen
#58 by Richard White
Sleeping Boy by Jean Marcellino
Red Hibiscus (NFS) by Rebecca Venn
"Daddy's Little Girl" by Pacifico Palumbo
"Swimming at Ally Pond Lake" by Pacifico Palumbo
Lady in Red by Terence Kelly
Father & Daughter by Roger Cummiskey
"Valley Stream Picnic" by Pacifico Palumbo
Connie by Seonyoung Kim
Ballet 2 teal dynamic by Peter Wong King
Great Dogs of Venice Beach by Darlene Kuhne
Secret Garden Chicago II by Rebecca Venn
Abstract Toes by BlindWolf Photography, T. F. McDonald
Flamenco #1 by Donelli J. DiMaria
Gerber Dasies by Pacifico Palumbo
Mama Mia  (My Mother) by Pacifico Palumbo
The Player by Neal Smithwillow
Forbidden Fruit by Ione Citrin

Colorful Season of Art -- Guest curator, Jeffrey L. Berman, is a master pastellist, digital artist, painter, photographer, and art teacher. His affiliations include the Pastel Society of America (signature member, teacher), Audubon Artists (executive board), Art Students League (life member, teacher), the Salmagundi Club (resident artist, teacher). Founded in 1871, the Salmagundi club is one of the oldest art organizations in the United States. Housed in an historic brownstone mansion in Greenwich Village, New York City, the Club offers programs including art classes, exhibitions, painting demonstrations, and art auctions throughout the year for members and the general public.

Mr. Berman selected three Curators' Choice nominees for March: a striking photograph, Circus #1 by Joseph Mays of Louisville, KY, a delightful oil, Pinocchio by Donelli J. DiMaria of Santa Fe, NM; and the smashing impressionistic Lady in Red by Terence Kelly of Manchester, England.

Artworks making their calendar debut: 4. Three artworks are being retired, having now appeared in three calendars: Circus #1 by Joseph Mays from Louisville, KY; Tree Frog by Justin Austin from Graham, NC; and Margeurite by Stephanie Fuller from New York, NY.

The art for this calendar comes from 12 states as well as Mexico, the Russian Federation, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The 31 artists represented in March, 2014, in day order are: 1* Joseph Mays, 2 Justin Austin, 3 Marie-Paule Martin, 4 Taehyub Lee, 5 Serge Lis, 6 Dan Simoneau, ISAP, 7 Troy Cooper, 8 Richard Bulman, 9 Stephanie Fuller, 10 Jacqueline Saunders, 11* Donelli J. DiMaria, 12 Guadalupe Herrera, 13 Ilene Skeen, 14 Richard White, 15 Jean Marcellino, 16 Rebecca Venn, 17 Pacifico Palumbo, 18 Pacifico Palumbo, 19* Terence Kelly, 20 Roger Cummiskey, 21 Pacifico Palumbo, 22 Seonyoung Kim, 23 Peter Wong King, 24 Darlene Kuhne, 25 Rebecca Venn, 26 BlindWolf Photography, T. F. McDonald, 27 Donelli J. DiMaria, 28 Pacifico Palumbo, 29 Pacifico Palumbo, 30 Neal Smithwillow, 31 Ione Citrin.

Each of the artists selected for the calendar receives two (2) complimentary listings for each artwork included in this calendar. Three artists, indicated by asterisks (*), are nominated for the Curators Choice Awards. Curators’ Choice nominees receive 8 additional complimentary listings. The top artist receives an additional prize. Viewers can also vote for “The People's Choice,” a poll which includes all of the art in the calendar. The top three artworks in The People's Choice win one (1) complementary listing for their artists. Winners announced April 1st.

The Barebrush Provenance for each artwork is viewable by clicking on the calendar thumbnail (above) or on the caption under the artwork from each artist’s Barebrush Gallery page. The Barebrush program of retiring artworks that have been selected for three calendars is designed to encourage all artists to show their best new work and keep their online galleries fresh and interesting.

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Thank you all for your interest and participation in, dedicated to the art of the world.

*Curators' Choice nominee, selected by the Guest Curator.

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Winners below:

(winner, day, prize)

Curators' Choice

Joseph Mays (1), +16 points
Honorable Mention:
Donelli J. DiMaria (11)
Terence Kelly (19)


The Peoples Choice!

Results for your Favs:
Marie-Paule Martin (3)
Troy Cooper (7)
Dan Simoneau, ISAP (6)


Congratulations all!


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