N*des-of-the-Month from Barebrush

A Juried Selection by David Masello, Art writer & editor

March 2011

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Night by Profile Deleted
Crystal in Repose, by Elizabeth  Sowell-Zak
Nude Looking Up by Donelli J. DiMaria
Tranquility by Anthony Gordon
Night Light by Nancy Devine
Adonis and Aphrodite by BlindWolf Photography, T. F. McDonald
The Wait by Bill Brauker
Asecho by Tony Lee
Curiosity - Red Ribbon Series by Sharon Sieben
Obsession #1 by Matthew Smith
Model by Robert Nizamov
'Hymn to my Ebony Splendor Brush' by Jacqui Morgan
Mourning by Guenter Knop
Sleeping Jessica by Jean Marcellino
Motel Nude by Lucinda Luvaas
Open to Embrace by Guadalupe Herrera
Imagine by Annette Ashton
Knitting Thoughts by Robin Kappy
Angst by Cynthia Angeles
STUDY 61 by William Thierfelder
oches series figure 3 by Tim Duffy
Eva and Mariela VI by A. Galban
Contemplative by Tracey Padron
Tidal Rhythm by Christopher Smith
Layers of Memory by Michael Seif
Green Mirror by Christian Beels
Heart by Jennie Rosenbaum
Velazquez Pose by Geoffrey Stein
Woman in a Window by Donald Kolberg
Woman & Plant by Kimberly Berg
Ryan Being Relaxed by Ilene Skeen

Tell me a story. You needn’t give me all of the plot lines or even introduce me to all of the characters. But do tell me—indeed, show me—the most revealing detail. Each of the 31 artists I chose for the March calendar (from 109 artists who submitted work) reveal what I believe to be the single most important element of their subject—the angle of the pose, the colors in which their subject needed to be rendered, the best medium to express their chosen person, even the particular part of the body that merits attention. Upon looking at the month’s array of figures, I, as a viewer, would want to know each of these people.

Art writer and editor, David Masello contributed the paragraph above after selecting the March 2011 Barebrush N*des-of-the-Month and seeing the art arranged in the calendar format. Looking closely, the viewer sees a calendar pulsing with dynamic tension. Most of the works appear to be charged with motion, and as the eye jumps through the month day by day, each day pops and holds its own.

Masello also commented about many of the pieces he selected (and didn't select). For artists with only one or two pieces, he said, “I long to see more.” About the variety, he said, “there's nothing reductive,” meaning that individual artists are strongly recognizable. Not surprisingly, the five Curators’ Choice nominees were the artworks he spent the longest time looking at and comparing to other pieces of the artist’s work. The honor of leading off the month goes to Night by Daniel Maidman, who is making his calendar debut. From Sharon Seiben, Masello selected Curiosity -- Red Ribbon Series for the composition and color. He found Open to Embrace by Guadalupe Herrera intriguing and challenging and Ochre Series Figure 3 by Tim Duffy interesting for both the figure and the wood panel. About Michael Seif's Layers of Memory, Masello simply said, “beautiful.”

In addition to Daniel Maidman, four other artists make their calendar debut in March: Bill Brauker, Nancy Devine, T. F. McDonald, and Tracy Padron. Five artists have work which has been selected in two previous calendars, so it now “retires”: Curators’ Choice nominee, Michael Seif, Christopher Smith and Barebrush Featured Artists Guenter Knop, Lucinda Luvaas and Jeanne Marcellino. Fully 24 artworks are new to the calendars entirely. The Barebrush program of retiring artworks which have been selected for three calendars is designed to encourage all artists to show their best new work and keep their online galleries fresh and interesting.

The 31 artists represented in March, 2011, in day order are: 1* Profile Deleted, 2 Elizabeth Sowell-Zak, 3 Donelli J. DiMaria, 4 Anthony Gordon, 5 Nancy Devine, 6 BlindWolf Photography, T. F. McDonald, 7 Bill Brauker, 8 Tony Lee, 9* Sharon Sieben, 10 Matthew Smith, 11 Robert Nizamov, 12 Jacqui Morgan, 13 Guenter Knop, 14 Jean Marcellino, 15 Lucinda Luvaas, 16* Guadalupe Herrera, 17 Annette Ashton, 18 Robin Kappy, 19 Cynthia Angeles, 20 William Thierfelder, 21* Tim Duffy, 22 A. Galban, 23 Tracey Padron, 24 Christopher Smith, 25* Michael Seif, 26 Christian Beels, 27 Jennie Rosenbaum, 28 Geoffrey Stein, 29 Donald Kolberg, 30 Kimberly Berg, 31 Ilene Skeen.

Each of the artists selected for the calendar receives two (2) complimentary listings. Five artists, indicated by asterisks (*), are nominated for the Curators Choice Awards. Curators’ Choice nominees receive 8 additional complimentary listings. The top three artists receive additional prizes. You can also vote for “My Favorite N*de,” the poll which includes all of the art in the calendar. The top three artists in “My Favorite N*de” receive one (1) complementary listing. Winners announced April 1st.

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Thank you all for your interest and participation in barebrush.com, dedicated to the art of the nude.

*Curators' Choice nominee. Nominees for the N*de-of-the-Month were selected by the guest curator as Curator's Choice. All barebrush curators have an opportunity to rank the Curator's Choice in their own special poll. Winners determined by a statistical combination of the curators and popular votes.

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Winners below:
(winner, day, prize)

Curators' Choice

Daniel Maidman (1), +65 points
Michael Seif (25), +30 points
Guadelupe Herrera (16), +16 points
Honorable Mention:
Tim Duffy (21)
Sharon Sieben (9)


My Fav N*de

Results for your Favs:
Robin Kappy (18)
Daniel Maidman (1)

Tony Lee (8)
Jacqui Morgan (12)
Annette Ashton (17)


Congratulations all!



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