A Juried Selection by Angela Nacol, Independent Curator & Collections Mgr

November 2014

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The Beach by Emily Stedman
Bronze N*de ll by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
EVE by guy delaroque
Marysol I by Victoria Coyle
La Libertine by Bruce Erikson
Nude from Above by Jerry Ralya
Arise by Jonathan Gonzales
Amber Too by Jacqui Morgan
Parts are Parts by Darlene Kuhne
In Line by Terry Hinkle
Bath #4 by Donelli J. DiMaria
Maria Asleep by Christian Beels
"La Note d'amour Française" by Bruce Erikson
Daron, February 2014 by Peter Millward
Nude Female on Stool by Ilene Skeen
Turntable by Gary Paul Stutler
Danaid, after Rodin by Larry Scaturro
Susan, July 2014 by Peter Millward
Marlo Lost in Stripes by Jean Marcellino
Man With Head In Hand by Emily Stedman
Alex by Seonyoung Kim
Study 1454 by Richard White
Passion Changes by Guadalupe Herrera
After the Fall by David Schulz
The Scarf by Dan Simoneau
Walking Nude by Jerry Ralya
Celebrated Burlesque Performer by Jacqui Morgan
Belle's Back by Barrie Ripin
Self Portrait by William Jobling
Sharon by Darryl King

All Nudes Bright and Beautiful -- Guest curator, Angela Nacol, is a curatorial consultant, independent registrar, and collections management specialist. Ms. Nacol serves as the Exhibitions Registrar and Installation Manager at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at New York University. She has worked at museums and galleries in both Texas and New York for over a decade and has installed exhibitions in venues ranging from DIY art and music spaces in Brooklyn to museums in Europe. Ms. Nacol earned her BFA at the University of North Texas and MA at Texas Christian University, and currently lives in art-trendy Brooklyn, NY.

Ms. Nacol selected 3 Curators' Choice nominees for November, (starred dates in the list): 1* The Beach (watercolor) by Emily Stedman of New York, NY; 4* Marysol I (drawing|graphite|mixed media) by Victoria Coyle of South Wales, United Kingdom; 19* Marlo Lost in Stripes (pastel) by Jean Marcellino of New York, NY. Barebrush founder and CEO, Ilene Skeen, commented,

This November calendar highlights the continuing theme of the vulnerability of the nude: in The Beach, we view an engagingly erotic relationship with some uncomfortable uncertainty. In Marysol I, we feel the fragility of the closed figure, arms wrapped around legs, eyes shut, dreaming of another world, while in Marlo Lost in Stripes, we find the figure displaying an open-eyed acceptance of vulnerability with a quiet pride.

Artworks making their calendar debut: 4. Seven artworks are being retired, having now appeared in three calendars: Alex by Seonyoung Kim of Woodside, NY; Belle's Back by Barrie Ripin of Bethesda, MD; Marysol I by Victoria Coyle of South Wales, United Kingdom; After the Fall by David Schulz of Middletown, CT; Man With Head In Hand by Emily Stedman of New York, NY; Arise by Jonathan Gonzales of Tamuning, GUAM; Celebrated Burlesque Performer by Jacqui Morgan of New York City, NY.

Art for this calendar comes from 12 states, France, United Kingdom and Guam.

The 30 artists represented in November, 2014, in day order are: 1* Emily Stedman, 2 Kathy Ostman-Magnusen , 3 guy delaroque, 4* Victoria Coyle, 5 Bruce Erikson, 6 Jerry Ralya, 7 Jonathan Gonzales, 8 Jacqui Morgan, 9 Darlene Kuhne, 10 Terry Hinkle, 11 Donelli J. DiMaria, 12 Christian Beels, 13 Bruce Erikson, 14 Peter Millward, 15 Ilene Skeen, 16 Gary Paul Stutler, 17 Larry Scaturro, 18 Peter Millward, 19* Jean Marcellino, 20 Emily Stedman, 21 Seonyoung Kim, 22 Richard White, 23 Guadalupe Herrera, 24 David Schulz, 25 Dan Simoneau, 26 Jerry Ralya, 27 Jacqui Morgan, 28 Barrie Ripin, 29 William Jobling, 30 Darryl King.

Each of the artists selected for the calendar receives two (2) complimentary listings for each artwork included in this calendar. Three artists, indicated by asterisks (*), are nominated for the Curators Choice Awards. Curators’ Choice nominees receive 8 additional complimentary listings. The top artist receives an additional prize. Viewers can vote for “My Favorite N*de,” a poll which includes all of the art in the calendar. The top three artworks in My Favorite N*de win one (1) complementary listing for their artists. Winners announced December 1st.

The Barebrush Provenance for each artwork is viewable by clicking on the calendar thumbnail (above) or on the caption under the artwork from each artist’s Barebrush Gallery page. The Barebrush program of retiring artworks that have been selected for three calendars is designed to encourage all artists to show their best new work and keep their online galleries fresh and interesting.

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Thank you all for your interest and participation in barebrush.com, dedicated to the art of the nude.

*Curators' Choice nominee, selected by the Guest Curator.

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Winners below:
(winner, day, prize)

Curators' Choice

Victoria Coyle (4), +16 points
Honorable Mention:
Jean Marcellino (19)
Emily Stedman (1)


My Fav N*de

Results for your Favs:
Christian Beels (12)
Terry Hinkle (10)
Darryl King (30)


Congratulations all!



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