PhotoArt N*des

A Juried Selection by Joyce Pommer, Franklin 54 Gallery + Projects

January 2012

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Sunday Night It Rained by Joseph Mays
Woman in charge by Guenter Knop
Black Neon by Joseph Mays
TOKYO LUSH by Corrie Ancone
Coil by Joseph Mays
The signs of life by Guenter Knop
Speak To Me by Janet E Gorman
Llantos Prohibidos by Tony Lee
Carling_D_8-09-11--1AB by Dan McCormack
Open Range by Joseph Mays
Follow by Guenter Knop
Jess T 6-20-10--4AB by Dan McCormack
Seaman by Tony Lee
Orbs Amid Vertical Lines by BlindWolf Photography, T. F. McDonald
Wind by Martin Danjue
Night Post by Joseph Mays
Back to Back by Peter Wong King
Lana_H_11-19-11--11AB by Dan McCormack
Little Flirt by BlindWolf Photography, T. F. McDonald
Through an old Window by Peter Wong King
Blind by Anonymous
All your husbands by Gabriel Sanchez
The Light by Janet E Gorman
Naked Sky Captain by Anonymous
Lydia in Gold by BlindWolf Photography, T. F. McDonald
Goddess by Janet E Gorman
Compact by Peter Wong King
Shrouded Nude by Matthew Smith
Migration West by Michael Seif
Untitled #3 from the Smoke Series by Matthew Smith
The crack by Gabriel Sanchez

Happy PhotoArt N*des—January 2012 brings the third in this new series of photography-only calendars. Selected by Joyce Pommer, founder and director of Franklin 54 Gallery + Projects, the images are powerful and polished, distinctively personal explorations of people, place and mood.

The year begins coincidentally with Sunday Night it Rained by Joseph Mays of Kentucky. Ms. Pommer, remembered Mays’ work from last year, intrigued again by his interesting process with light saying, “I like his work.” True to her word, she selected five of his pieces, the maximum allowed.

Another favorite is Guenter Knop, whose stylized black and white images take us back to polished era of Art Deco. Two of the three Knop images are retiring with this calendar, Woman in Charge and Follow, January 2 and 11, repectively. Dan McCormack, master of the pinhole camera digital print has three images in January 2012 as well. His titles are technical but start with Carling, Jess, and Lana. Peter King of New Mexico shows a variety of exporations and departures with Back to Back, Through an Old Window and Compact. T.F. McDonald of Kentucky specializes in high contrast monochomatic studies of well-composed beautiful people: Little Flirt, Orbs Amid Vertical Lines and Lydia in Gold are his images in this calendar. Long Island artist, Janet E. Gorman shows three pensive darks, the pregnant Speak to Me, The Light and Goddess.

International art is represented. Tony Lee of Panama, whose work has been a delight on Barebrush since May 2007 (with his classic winner, Manwood) has two pieces, Llantos Prohibidos and Seaman. Gabriel Sanchez of Mexico offers All Your Husbands and The Crack. Tennessee artist, Angelique Moselle Price shows Naked Sky Captain and Blind, while New York artist, Matthew Smith shows Shrouded Nude and Untitled #3 from the Smoke Series.

One other artwork in this calendar is retiring: Tokoyo Lush by Corrie Ancone of Sydney Australia.

Your browser should have “alt” text turned on, to see each title and artist pop up as your cursor moves over the thumbnails on the calendar page. When you click on a thumbnail, you will link to the detail page for that art—the display of the Barebrush provenance, the color/value profile, the descriptive information and the artist’s contact info.

The 31 artists represented in January, 2012, in day order are: 1 Joseph Mays, 2 Guenter Knop, 3 Joseph Mays, 4 Corrie Ancone, 5 Joseph Mays, 6 Guenter Knop, 7 Janet E Gorman, 8 Tony Lee, 9 Dan McCormack, 10 Joseph Mays, 11 Guenter Knop, 12 Dan McCormack, 13 Tony Lee, 14 BlindWolf Photography, T. F. McDonald, 15 Martin Danjue, 16 Joseph Mays, 17 Peter Wong King, 18 Dan McCormack, 19 BlindWolf Photography, T. F. McDonald, 20 Peter Wong King, 21 Anonymous, 22 Gabriel Sanchez, 23 Janet E Gorman, 24 Anonymous, 25 BlindWolf Photography, T. F. McDonald, 26 Janet E Gorman, 27 Peter Wong King, 28 Matthew Smith, 29 Michael Seif, 30 Matthew Smith, 31 Gabriel Sanchez.

Each of the artists selected for the calendar receives two (2) complimentary listings for each artwork included in this calendar. Viewers can also vote for “My Favorite PhotoArt N*de,” a poll which includes all of the art in the calendar. The top three artworks in My Favorite PhotoArt N*de win one (1) complementary listing for their artists. Winners announced February 1st.

The Barebrush Provenance for each artwork is viewable by clicking on the calendar thumbnail (above) or on the caption under the artwork from each artist’s Barebrush Gallery page. The Barebrush program of retiring artworks which have been selected for three calendars is designed to encourage all artists to show their best new work and keep their online galleries fresh and interesting.

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Thank you all for your interest and participation in, dedicated to the art of the nude.

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Winners below:

Results for your Favs:
Guenter Knop (6)
T. F. McDonald (14)

Tony Lee (8)
Martin Danjue (15)


Congratulations all!



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