Barebrush Art: Narcissus by John Woodrow Kelley



Barebrush Provenance
19 Jun 2007
Curator: Kim Foster
Kim Foster Galleries

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Narcissus by John Woodrow Kelley

Narcissus by John Woodrow Kelley

Title: Narcissus

Desc: Narcisus was a beautiful youth of ancient Greece who would have nothing to do with the nymphs who loved him. For revenge, the nymphs prayed to their patron goddess, Diana, who punished Narcissus by having him fall hopelessly in love with his own reflection in a pure mountain pool. He pined away until there was nothing left of him but the flower that bears his name. In my painting I have painted Narcissus at the moment that he is first transfixed by his own reflection in the mountain pool.

Oil on canvas

Media: oil

Size: 58" x 34"

Genre: nude

Price Range: Major - over $5,000

In calendar: Yes

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John Woodrow Kelley

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Artist Info
John Woodrow Kelley
State: NY
Zip: 11205
Country: US