Barebrush Art: Resting by Stained Window by Guadalupe Herrera



Barebrush Provenance
8 Aug 2011
Curator: Vaughn Lewis

5 Apr 2015
Curator: Vaughn Lewis
Independent Curator

10 Jan 2016
Curator: Della Clason Sperling
Art Historian

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Resting by Stained Window by Guadalupe Herrera

Resting by Stained Window by Guadalupe Herrera

Title: Resting by Stained Window

Desc: My style(s) are symbolic illustrations created by the use of bold vivid color's. While some of my pieces allow the imagination to create personal imagery, each seeing what he/she believes is there. Concepts and colors reflect the individuality of each piece. This particular piece reflects a woman resting after a shower by a stained window.

Media: acrylic

Size: 30" x 40"

Genre: nude

Price Range: Important $501-$5,000

In calendar: Yes

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Guadalupe Herrera

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Artist Info
Guadalupe Herrera
City: Houston
State: TX
Zip: 77095
Country: US