Barebrush Art: Nude 60 by Suhas Tavkar



Barebrush Provenance
27 Dec 2007
Curator: Tria
The Suchman-Bart-Metheny Gallery
Chelsea NYC

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Nude 60 by Suhas Tavkar

Nude 60 by Suhas Tavkar

Title: Nude 60

Desc: This “NakhaChitra” fingernail drawing is just by using my own fingernails (God’s given original basic tool to creat art). From my childhood I always love to draw with my fingernails like my late father Anant and make the same drawing in to relief drawing It. It is my passion to draw nude women because of their beautiful body and to make it in to 2dimentions relief art just by using my fingernails. I describe myself as a unique and gifted artist. I think “Every living creature on this earth is an artist and artpiece by itself”.
Fingernail Relief Drawing on paper

Media: drawing

Size: 8.50 X 4.50

Genre: nude

Price Range: Important $501-$5,000

In calendar: Yes

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Suhas Tavkar

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Artist Info
Suhas Tavkar
State: NY
Zip: 11426
Country: US