Barebrush Art: Back to the World by Gil Conradis



Barebrush Provenance
9 May 2012
Peoples' Choice, 2nd Place
Curator: Lee Vasu
Dacia Gallery

13 Apr 2016
Curator: Coli Mihai Caranica
Independent Curator

21 Sep 2016
Curator: James Patrick Reid
Artist & Art Lecturer

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Back to the World by Gil Conradis

Back to the World by Gil Conradis

Title: Back to the World

Desc: When engaged in the minute by hour struggle, as warriors we dared not think about the “World” from where we came.
Later - much later, I came to realize the duress, the struggle for people left behind to carry on as normal, carrying that gnawing fear of imminent harm; parents, friends, girlfriends, wife's, children, husbands. Their sincere attempts at relating to a different person that may have come back whole or in-part, but not whole. This is my acknowledgement of that sacrifice given by circumstance and resulting in trepidation by those waiting. For all time.

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Media: oil

Size: 3" x 6 "

Genre: portrait

Price Range: Important $501-$5,000

In calendar: Yes

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Gil Conradis

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Artist Info
Gil Conradis
City: Melbourne
State: FL
Zip: 32935
Country: US