Barebrush Art: Primal 1 by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen 



Barebrush Provenance
5 Oct 2008
Curators' Choice, 1st Place
Curator: Claudia Seymour
Salmagundi Club

23 Feb 2011
Curator: Ed Brennan
Salmagundi Club

29 Jul 2012
Curator: Robert W. Pillsbury
Salmagundi Club

My N*de Valentine 2011
A gallery show at
Rogue Spece | Chelsea
Hosted by Catalogue.

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Primal 1 by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

Primal 1 by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

Title: Primal 1

Desc: Primal 1 is an ongoing self portrait body of work. Is a woman past her 40's, 50's even into her 70's still sexy? Can sexy be defined by a body or a look? I think it is all more complex than that. Sexy is an attitude. Check out my artist's statement on this site to read more of my views on the subject. This painting as well as all of my original work is available through Monkdogz Urban Art, New York.
Tel: 516-655-1000

Media: oil

Size: 60x75

Genre: nude

Price Range: Major - over $5,000

In calendar: Yes

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Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

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Artist Info
Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
Zip: 92562
Country: US