Barebrush Art: "Daddy's Little Girl" by Pacifico Palumbo



Barebrush Provenance
22 Apr 2013
Curator: David Reuss
Salmagundi Club
Jury of Awards

17 Mar 2014
Curator: Jeffrey L. Berman, PSA
Salmagundi Club

15 Jul 2014
Curator: Della Clason Sperling
Art Historian

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"Daddy's Little Girl" by Pacifico Palumbo

"Daddy's Little Girl" by Pacifico Palumbo

Title: "Daddy's Little Girl"

Desc: When I was a little boy and would go to my grandmothers house there would always be this ripped photograph of my grandfather on the mantle in her parlor. I would ask her why it was ripped and she would not tell me. I found out latter that when my grandfather died at 33 she ripped herself from the photo so that she could look at him alone. That is my mother sitting on his knee and my uncle is on the stool

Media: oil

Size: 22"w X 30"d

Genre: portrait

Price Range: Important $501-$5,000

In calendar: Yes

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Pacifico Palumbo

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Artist Info
Pacifico Palumbo
City: Colrain
State: MA
Zip: 01340
Country: US