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PARK BENCH MOTEL   SK 16 11 by Jon RettichELINOR       A678 by Jon RettichTHE SECRET by Jon RettichBENCHED       A598 by Jon RettichFLAMENCO STUDIES 1 2017 04 by Jon Rettich
TREVOR C by Jon RettichNOT MY SON'S CAT by Jon RettichDAD & BABY    16 11 by Jon RettichFIGURE STUDY SAL 16 10  B by Jon RettichRICHIE CLIFT DAN JEAN GH by Jon Rettich
WSP  MADRE & CHILDREN  A590 by Jon RettichSTEVE 150704 8 by Jon RettichFA SAL   151130 by Jon RettichPHIL JIM by Jon RettichJAMIE    2017 04 03 by Jon Rettich
SLEEPER by Jon RettichFIGURE STUDY  16 10 A by Jon RettichTARIQ   GH  A505 by Jon RettichTREES SKETCH A594 by Jon RettichJENNIFER   A492 by Jon Rettich
CHESS MATES: LES MARIANO RON MIKE by Jon RettichLUCIANA WITH BLACK CLOTH by Jon RettichWashington Square Park Symphony by Jon RettichWASHINGTON SQUARE PARK VIEW by Jon RettichWATTS NAPPING SKETCH B&W 2017 07 by Jon Rettich
20N 1  2018 11 14 by Jon RettichCONCENTRATION by Jon RettichPUZZIO TUNING by Jon RettichWASHiNGTON SQUARE PARK SUMMER by Jon RettichWATTS ON OLD ICE BOX by Jon Rettich
WATTS 1 2017 06 26 by Jon RettichHARI KRISHNA MEMBERS by Jon RettichJIM      3 0508 by Jon RettichI  TAUT I TAW A PUDDY TAT by Jon RettichTANK & TOYS    A257 by Jon Rettich
COUPLE     B0001 by Jon RettichWATTS 20150901 by Jon RettichSERENDIPITY -- WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK B020 by Jon RettichWASHINGTON SQUARE PARK NORTH-EAST OF FOUNTAIN   A606 by Jon RettichJOHN WAGNER NCJW 4 by Jon Rettich
1 SALMAGUNDI CLUB 2018 10 22 by Jon RettichJIM LOUISE CLIFT AT HISAE by Jon RettichFIGURE STUDY SUPINE MALE by Jon RettichQUIN by Jon RettichCOLIN SEATED by Jon Rettich
WATTS REPOSING 2 by Jon RettichPAT & HERB by Jon RettichBUSH SKETCH   WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK  A323 by Jon RettichWSP SCENIC img419 by Jon RettichMIKE & DANNY by Jon Rettich
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PARK BENCH MOTEL   SK 16 11 by Jon Rettich

PARK BENCH MOTEL SK 16 11 by Jon Rettich

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Desc: A place to rest a while

Media: drawing

Size: 12" x 9"

Genre: people (clothed)

Price Range: Fine Art $100-$500

In calendar: No

Price:Original $125.00

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