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BYC Sunset by Ilene Skeen

BYC Sunset by Ilene Skeen

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Title: BYC Sunset

Desc: Created February 2018 for the Bradenton Yacht Club Great Mates Gala (and auction). Shows the gazebo which overlooks the point where the basin empties into the cut. Land in the distance is the south shore of the Manatee River, and of course, Josh Huntington got into the picture -- my intention, not his.

Size with gold tone frame. Original has been sold.

Print, 5" x 7" signed, limited edition of 25.

Media: acrylic

Size: 12" x 10"

Genre: landscape

Price Range: Fine Art $100-$500

In calendar: Yes
Provenance (calendar wins & curators).

Price:Print $25.00

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