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GREENWICH HOUSE JAMB  2019 01 30 23 by Jon RettichStrength by Jerry RalyaSeated Wendy by Jean MarcellinoConversation by Harald GroteNude and Wall Painting III by Peter Le Grand
"Sicilian Boy" by Pacifico Palumbolooking back by Andrew LukishFey_W_03-26-17--08AB by Dan McCormackPeter seated on a wicker-backed chair by Peter MillwardASL STUDY  A160 by Jon Rettich
One Taken One Left by Marie-Paule MartinTREVOR          2015 07 by Jon RettichStudy 1592 by Richard WhiteNude and Radiator by Peter Le GrandHarmony by Anthony Gordon
The Conversation by Elizabeth  Sowell-ZakWATTS REPOSING 2 by Jon RettichBath #4 by Donelli J. DiMariaTrevor Looking Sly by Ilene SkeenD.I.Y.  #1 by Donelli J. DiMaria
DAN PLAYING RECORDER by Jon RettichNude, Door and Window - Abandoned Farm House by Peter Le GrandUnderstood by Harald GroteQUIN by Jon Rettichpretty redhead by Ed Hicks
Cherry Blossoms by Richard BulmanPlayground (Abstract #2401) by Ilene SkeenNude to Personality: William In Repose by Elizabeth  Sowell-ZakCatherine by Marie-Paule MartinJohn as an Egyptian by Ilene Skeen
Study 1612 by Richard WhiteWait by Harald GrotePower At Work, NO.6 by Elizabeth  Sowell-ZakEvelyn by Jean MarcellinoMolly_R_4-14-13--13AC by Dan McCormack
Tebow Moment by Justin AustinBlue Mood by Cynthia AngelesGirl-bridge with sculpture head by Serge LisRaven and the Serpent Tattoo by Ilene SkeenWSP 40 WINKS 2 2019 08 31 by Jon Rettich
Profiled by Peter Wong KingBeauty of NM by Peter Wong KingRed Gaea's Roots by Anthony GordonAfternoon Stroll by Cynthia AngelesQueen of the Night by Marie-Paule Martin
Break Dancer by Jacqueline SaundersJessi Seated #1 by Donelli J. DiMariaKate_A_7-09-09--8BD by Dan McCormackVera_J_2-23-14--09AD by Dan McCormackUpon waking by Chanit Roston
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GREENWICH HOUSE JAMB  2019 01 30 23 by Jon Rettich

GREENWICH HOUSE JAMB 2019 01 30 23 by Jon Rettich

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Title: GREENWICH HOUSE JAMB 2019 01 30 23

Desc: Wednesday afternoon music

Media: drawing

Size: 12"X9"

Genre: people (clothed)

Price Range: Fine Art $100-$500

In calendar: No

Price:Original $400.00

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