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The Ecstasy of Cha Cha by Ilene Skeen

The Ecstasy of Cha Cha by Ilene Skeen

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Title: The Ecstasy of Cha Cha

Desc: Adventures in watercolor can take me anywhere.

Here the Brazilian model took a 5 minute pose. I made a small (5") pencil sketch. It captured her rapture. Then I traced it, enlarged it and translated it to a half sheet of Arches 140# WC paper.

It was a challenge to keep the spontaneity of the original pose. By George, I think it works. Let's dance.

Media: watercolor

Size: 22" x 14.5"

Genre: people (clothed)

Price Range: Fine Art $100-$500

In calendar: Yes
Provenance (calendar wins & curators).

Price:Original $125.00

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