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Susan, Junoesque nude by Peter MillwardDaron Posing by Peter MillwardRandy C, athletic male nude figure by Peter MillwardDave seated on drawing bench by Peter MillwardQuick Poses by Scott by Peter Millward
Isaac, male dancer exercising by Peter MillwardSusan, July 2014 by Peter MillwardSurvivor Daron by Peter MillwardCarolyn, older nude woman by Peter MillwardBeth with coffee 2015 by Peter Millward
Daron, February 2014 by Peter MillwardKevin, seated by Peter MillwardSarah, seated by Peter MillwardTracey Reclining with a Mirror by Peter MillwardLauren on a French Provincial Wicker Chair by Peter Millward
Scott sitting by Peter MillwardFred, seated by Peter MillwardScott, seated by Peter MillwardBruce, standing in sweat pants by Peter MillwardRandy sitting by Peter Millward
Peter seated on a wicker-backed chair by Peter MillwardNick, intense by Peter MillwardLauren and Scott by Peter MillwardScott Gesturing by Peter MillwardLauren seated by Peter Millward
Mercedes with Braided Hair by Peter MillwardDavid in a  Blue Shirt by Peter MillwardMiranda reclining by Peter MillwardScott Seated by Peter MillwardMiranda Pensive by Peter Millward
Rudy Seated by Peter MillwardNick, seated by Peter MillwardScott and Tracey by Peter MillwardTabitha and Jean by Peter MillwardTracey partially robed by Peter Millward
Tabitha by Peter MillwardTy by Peter MillwardTabitha, sitting by Peter MillwardRudy by Peter MillwardBruce by Peter Millward
Rich seated by Peter Millward 

Lauren on a French Provincial Wicker Chair by Peter Millward

Lauren on a French Provincial Wicker Chair by Peter Millward

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Title: Lauren on a French Provincial Wicker Chair

Desc: Young nude women seated on a decorative French Provincial chair

Media: color pencil

Size: 14" X 27"

Genre: nude

Price Range: Fine Art $100-$500

In calendar: Yes
Provenance (calendar wins & curators).

Price:Print $325.00

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