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30 Jun 2012
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30 Sep 2012
Curator: Vaughn Lewis
MagnanMetz Gallery

8 Sep 2016
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Shari Gives a Hard Stare by Ilene Skeen

Shari Gives a Hard Stare by Ilene Skeen

Title: Shari Gives a Hard Stare

Desc: Here is Shari looking strong and beautiful. She's an awesome model. Maybe the light was in her eyes, but I liked the effect. Created at Spring Studio, June 2010.

Matted and framed (golden oak). Framed size, 9" x 11". Shipped via Priority Mail.

Media: acrylic (Original)

Finished Size: 9" x 11"

Genre: portrait

Price: $145

In calendar: Yes

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Ilene Skeen
Ilene Skeen
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Artist Info
Ilene Skeen
State: FL
Zip: 34210
Country: US