Dan McCormack
Dan McCormack
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Artist Info
Dan McCormack
Contact: dan_mccormack@yahoo.com
City: Accord
State: NY
Zip: 12404
Country: US

GRID_Pearls+Pubes_Lenoir_R_02-21-20 by Dan McCormack Geid  shadows  Lenoie_R_01-09-20 by Dan McCormack Lenoir_R_06-28-20--2627 by Dan McCormack
Lenoir_R_03-06-20--5823 by Dan McCormack Lenoir_R_10-23-20--1403 by Dan McCormack Lenoir_R_11-13-20--2625 by Dan McCormack
Lenoir_R_06-25-20--395 by Dan McCormack Lenoir_R_12-05-20--3333 by Dan McCormack Lenoir_R_12-30-20--5537 by Dan McCormack
Lenoir_R_12-12-20--5915ge by Dan McCormack Lenoir_R_10-10-2020--3854 by Dan McCormack Lenoir_R_10-10-2020--1124 by Dan McCormack
Lenoir_R_10-10-2020--5731 by Dan McCormack   

GRID_Pearls+Pubes_Lenoir_R_02-21-20 by Dan McCormack

GRID_Pearls+Pubes_Lenoir_R_02-21-20 by Dan McCormack

Title: GRID_Pearls+Pubes_Lenoir_R_02-21-20

Desc: Cell phone grid of Lenoir nude in the studio.

Media: photography

Size: H 30" x W 20"

Genre: nude

Price Range: Important $501-$5,000

In calendar: Yes
Provenance (calendar wins & curators).

Price:Original $1,500.00

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