Check Meter

The check meter (below) shows our progress to launch the new calendars.

To encourage all artists to submit a great display for each of the new genres, the curators may choose up to 5 artworks per artist for a single calendar (in each genre). There is no limit on the number of artworks the artists may submit.

Each check represents 4% closer to launch. We will announce the curator and launch each genre at 80% (20 check marks). Until each new genre is out of pre-launch, the art of these genres will participate in our mixed series, the Best-of-the-Rest calendar contests.

Any questions? Contact me.


Ilene Skeen




people (clothed) 62 %. More art needed to launch
portrait 37 %. Lots more art needed
landscape 33 %. Lots more art needed
animals 15.5 %. Lots more art needed
still life 3 %. Lots more art needed
abstract 0.5 %. Lots more art needed