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September 2020 at Barebrush: The Precious Days We Spend

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Ilene Skeen announces the new Art-of-the-Day calendar. Thirty days of art infused with passion, skill and thoughtful focus for your pleasure.

The Art of the Days

The honor of launching the month goes to Tony Lee of Panama. September begins with a brooding photo of a man against a huge tree:

"Disfruta del castigo así como disfrutaste de lo malo que hicistes. Nadie se va con saldo pendiente."

"Enjoy the punishment just like you enjoyed the bad thing you did. Nobody leaves with a pending balance."

New Yorker Jon Rettich in a different mood also fits these precious days. On Sept 3, he shows his color pencil work, Stuyvesant Oval 2020 07. A colorful crowd lounges on the lawn, presenting a new challenge to the English language. Rettich writes, "Some anti-social distancing but who can blame them...."

It seems happy that New Yorkers are steadfast in 2020. Even with COVID19; they prefer to be anti-distancing, not anti-social.

On Sep 16, Peter King, photographer from Cochiti Lake, NM, presents an abstract photo. Paint Drops is like a Rorschach test. It is definite yet mysterious. The orange shape blooms. It's a hooded wizard with a long, crooked finger pointing skyward. Heavens!

Of course there's more to see and say. Each of the 30 artworks in September are evocative, sensitive and worth talking about. Each represents an artist's skill, emotion and message to the world. Each artist owns the day their art graces the home page of Just click on the calendar link at the end of this sentence and you will realize that all will be revealed in time...


Barebrush shows paintings, drawings, photographs, sculpture and other visual art types. The monthly art displays began in 2006. Thousands of works are online for your viewing pleasure. Over 1,000 are for sale. Art lovers may contact the artist or request Barebrush to act as agent.

The goal of Barebrush is to delight art lovers. Our art shows expertise and emotional impact. Our dedicated artists enjoy sharing their vision with the world. All monthly art displays are easy to access in the archives.

About Ilene Skeen

Ilene Skeen, MBA, is the founder of Barebrush and a member of the Salmagundi Club of New York City since 1999. She is also an artist, author, speaker, and coach.

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Art of the Day

Monday, September 28, 2020

Sepia Obliquity by Peter Wong King
Sepia Obliquity
Peter Wong King

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