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April 2020: The Art of Social Distancing... and Not

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For April the world has learned a new phrase, social distancing. Has social distancing has turned your world upside down? Are you stressed? Wikipedia says,

"Drawbacks of social distancing can include loneliness, reduced productivity and the loss of other benefits associated with human interaction."

Last month, Barebrush joked about March Madness. Who knew that a different March madness would engulf us? Some people knew. I didn't. Did you have any inkling of what was coming?

Maybe we can fight against social distancing. Let's call getting together virtually "Social Distancing Not." Let's be closer in spirit. Let's talk to each other via phone, Skype, Zoom, or social media. We don't have to be strangers. In our high tech world, we can have a world of friends. Let's enjoy goodness and beauty in the world. Let's respect and love each other even from a distance. Let's love art. Let's have a conversation, many conversations.

Keep yourself safe and healthy, please.

Barebrush presents contemporary art on the world's most innovative website. At, the purpose of daily art is to enhance your enjoyment of life and art day by day.

Welcome April, Welcome

April begins with Alek and Beth, March 2013, by a master of the color pencil, Peter Millward. Peter has been a member of Barebrush since 2014 and has 118 entries in Barebrush calendars. These two nude figures face each other across the page. Alek may be looking a Beth, but she is not looking at him. Is there someone else who has captured her gaze? Is Beth avoiding Alek? Is this sensitive color pencil art about more than nudity? Physically in the studio, these two naked people are inches apart, but the social distance is vast.

Our April calendar features 30 expressive artworks: nudes, portraits, people, landscapes and animals. Each artwork is an invitation to come closer to a world created by the artist. What do you see? What can you say about what you see? Let's talk about art.

The Art-of-the-Day interactive calendar.

Like the unfolding of a story each day, the Art-of-the-Day interactive calendar is fun. Just click on any artwork in any calendar on the Barebrush website, and you reveal the larger image, description and Barebrush provenance. Just click on any provenance date and you reveal the calendar for that date. There are 302 monthly calendars and over 9,000 entries.

The Art-of-the-Day calendar page reveals the current month's art over time. To see today's Art of the Day, bookmark To see it every day, add to your browser settings (



Barebrush showcases contemporary art. The monthly art calendars began September 2006. Thousands of artworks are available for your viewing pleasure. Over 1,000 artworks are priced to buy now. Art lovers may contact the artist directly or Barebrush can also act as agent between buyer and seller.

The goal of Barebrush is to delight art lovers in the variety, expertise and emotional impact of affordable art of all genres and media created by dedicated, contemporary art professionals. Online since 2006. All calendars are still accessible in the Barebrush Calendar Archives.

About Ilene Skeen

Ilene Skeen, MBA, is the founder of Barebrush and a member of the Salmagundi Club of New York City since 1999. She is also an artist, author, speaker and certified coach.

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Art of the Day

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Back to Back by Peter Wong King
Back to Back
Peter Wong King

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