Tell People About Your Success at Barebrush

Barebrush is centered around the calendar. That means it is a time-dependent website, providing various opportunities for artists to tell people about their new work and their success. Here are some guidelines for telling your friends, colleagues, collectors and contacts about your art on barebrush.

Your Artist's Lightbox is your personal solo show on barebrush. Nobody's work is on your lightbox but your own. There's no fancy formatting to get in the way -- it is purely your art. Seeing your art in your Artist's Lightbox solo show counts to impress your collectors and contacts. Your Artist's Lightbox is a genuine reflection of you and your work as an artist, striking, bold, beautiful, mysterious, or provocative -- a highlight of your artistic personality and interests.

  1. New art -- When you put new art in the ArtLog and your Artist's Lightbox (after barebrush sends the notice that the art is live), send your lightbox link. -- Generally, you would do this once or twice a month -- when you have new work. If you have a lot of work, you might post it more frequently, but be careful not to wear out your welcome with friends, colleagues and contacts.
  2. Calendar win -- When you get into a calendar -- you are a winner!  You can send a link to the main website, to the calendar, and also to your lightbox. If you are a Featured Artist, the calendar win will appear on your featured artist page.
  3. Curators Choice nominee -- When you get selected as curator's choice nominee -- and you want people to see you work (and vote). Whatever you place in the curators choice awards, you are a winner! Send calendar link.
  4. Curators Choice  Winner -- N*de-of-the-Month,  especially if your work is selected for the main page of barebrush. Send main page link.
  5. Your day -- As most of you know, when you get work in the calendar, that day of the month is YOUR DAY. Your art will pop up behind the big barebrush logo in the center of the front page.  This is a great excuse to send a quick email to your best contacts to get them to see your art on the front page of barebrush.

If you want to put a link on your website to barebrush, please feel free to do so -- you may use the bb logo, text or a picture of your art that is on barebrush If you have a question on how to do this, you can send an inquiry with the contact form.